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Cédric Berger cedric.berger74 at
Fri Oct 17 11:40:01 CEST 2008

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 20:20, Stefan Monnier <monnier at>wrote:

> > Suspend is quite good at the moment, but when the display is 'blanked'
> > and the system is not in suspend, maybe pressing the 'power' button
> > could wake up the screen instead. Now it wakes up and immediately
> > suspends.
> 100% agreement.  The "suspend on power button" is completely useless
> for me.  The machine suspends automatically anyway, so I don't need to
> waste the precious few buttons we have on rare operations like
> "explicitly request the machine to go to sleep".

I do not agree here, it is an important use case for me to easily force
ex : to put phone in pocket. At the very least I must be able to immediatly
lock screen, but it should then be able to automatically go to sleep even if
screen keeps being touched (in pocket...). Wait time before blanking screen
 / going to suspend should also be decreased when screen is locked.

With my dumb day to day phone, there no real suspend, but I can immediatly
lock it via a long press to '#'. I do not have to look at the screen to do
that, and once it is locked it quickly shut off screen backlight.
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