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Fri Oct 17 12:54:47 CEST 2008

Hi all,

My thoughts on this (as a software dev that hasn't yet got into the
freerunner software development, despite best intentions) -

1. Basic phone functions:

It needs to work as a phone, currently it doesn't wake up from suspend in
time for more than 2 rings before the other party is diverted to voicemail.
The sound quality is terrible and usually echos back at the other party.

2. Battery life:

The battery in the gta02 is not a small capacity battery, far from it in
fact, why does it only last a few hours?
At best I get about 12 hours out of it.

3. Stability

Resuming from suspend sometimes just doesn't happen, and nothing I do wakes
it up.

Given 2 and 3, a quicker boot time would be nice, but if we could fix the
things that mean I have to boot it so often it would be helpful.

The only other thing that springs to mind is that it would also be good if
the settings (screen brightness etc) were stored somewhere so I don't have
to redo them every boot.

As far as I'm concerned, anything else is just candy. Other functions (GPS,
GPRS, WiFi etc etc) would be nice and should be expected as part of any
decent phone package, but right now the absolute basics (and I mean absolute
basics) need work.

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