Back to the basics: improving user experience

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I think the phone is getting quite usable, and well there is a long road ahead I don't think anybody should feel bad about how far it has come. 

Recent post on engadget re: RIM's Bold.

"ptrcd003 @ Oct 17th 2008 1:08AM

tell me about it. Crappy GPS that rarely, if ever, works (triangulation never works unless you download google maps) . Constant spinning clock, sometimes preventing me from answering calls for up to 5 minutes. Totally unstable OS (have missed class due to alarm clock app crashing during the night). The browser is also relatively slow, and the build quality should be much higher for a phone of this price (sides creak, back cover moves around.) This isn't a single occurence, my friend has the same phone with the same problems. So be glad it isn't out in the States yet, maybe they're actually planning to fix these things. If it wasn't for the amazing email capabilities, i'd go back to the iPhone 3G in a heartbeat"


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I can see there are at least 2 distinct types of user of OM:
A - "I need a working phone now, the uber-cool PDA stuff can wait";
B - "OM is a groundbreaking project, I don't care about telephony,  
let's press the revolution!"
As much as I am divided among the two views, I think OM must oblige to  
its responsibility towards the users who have paid for their hardware,  
and keep its promise of a working phone.

I don't think that making the core system work (including a little  
hacking of the Qtopia stuff) is a waste of time; any insight that is  
gained here can immediately be applied to FSO. OM2008.x will simply  
serve as a real-world testbed (one that is everyday usable!). When FSO  
comes along, it will already have the necessary corrections...

Citando Didier Raboud <didier at>:

> Vasco Névoa wrote:
>> I agree with you partly; the main efforts should go into getting the
>> new framework out - *as long as it runs on a rock-solid core system*.
>> So I support the idea of accelerating the FSO integration... but in
>> the meantime people have to use the sucking Qtopia ware in their
>> everyday life, because there is no realistic alternative. FSO is still
>> very incomplete at the user level.
>> Today, the "complete" system is not reliable and the reliable system
>> is not complete at all.
>> If you fix the core and qtopia now, everybody gets a working phone,
>> and FSO gets a more reliable development core. You favor the users,
>> which are the noisier people. ;)
>> If you jump start FSO into main distro, there will still not exist a
>> complete system that can be used everyday. You favor the developers,
>> who could wait a little more (but not long!) and ARE ALSO USERS.
>> So please just make it work solidly, and then integrate FSO. :)
> Well... I would rather let a bit more freedom to the team :
> if you (as in "the team which will make the iFoan obsolete") think that
> breaking useability or functionality or anything else could serve the
> cause : do it !
> Please decide your roadmap and make it public !
> I (personnally) don't care if I am not able to use my Neo as a phone (and
> anything else possible) for 2-3-4-5 months : I have a working phone. BUT,
> what I would like to know is _when_  I will get _what_ functionality.
> I you think that breaking the whole stuff for a moment will serve a precise
> goal, please do it !
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