Which widget toolkit to use

member kamituel kamituel at archlinux.us
Sat Oct 18 21:33:40 CEST 2008

Hello everyone,
at first I wanted to say hello to you, guys, I've recently bought one
of FreeRunner phones
and I'm really impressed. You've all done a great job, congratulations!

My problem is that I'm a little bit confused - I was going to start
writing some apps
for the OpenMoko finally, but I don't know which widget tollkit would
be the best.

My first thought was to use Gtk+, because I'm familiar with it and I like it.
But then I noticed, that OpenMoko switched recently to Qt Extended, so
I could go with Qt (I have some experience with Qt also, but not very big).

So, which of this two toolkits (or maybe some different one) should I use
in order to guarantee that my app will run on future OpenMoko releases?

thanks in advance
best regards

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