netfix testers?

Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Sun Oct 19 04:43:55 CEST 2008

I've posted a tarball of my networking fixes to, and a writeup on it at for anyone interested. Wiki
seemed inappropriate (at least at this time), and the writeup is too long
to post on the ML, IMHO.

What it does:

Default route out eth0 (wifi) if present, out usb0 (via host computer) if
eth0 NOT usable and usb0 IS usable, try ppp0 (GPRS) if both fail.  And have
nameserver lookups transparently adjust to match default route. 

What it is:

Alterations (from slight to severe) of several existing config files and
networking scripts, and several additions.

Not a network manager (it's just config files and shell scripts), it
doesn't bring interfaces up or down, it just ensures that regardless of
which interfaces are up at any given time, which have gone down, which are
just coming up, that default route and DNS nameserver lookups "just work".

I'm hoping for a few good folks willing to test out the changes on various
setups/images to help ensure this works on all.  While you /can/ just untar
to / on the FR and replace everything, I'd suggest doing it by hand, file
by file, so you know what's changed (seven files, in /etc/network/
/etc/udev/ /etc/ppp/ /etc/udhcpc.d/ /etc/resolvconf/ and /etc/resolv.conf
itself) and can backup present files.  (don't rename inside current
folders, though, as some of these are hit by run-parts, meaning every
script in the folder gets executed - put backups in /home/root/netback or

It'd also be nice to have extra sets of eyes and brains look this all over
and see what I've missed.

It currently requires that the default route for ppp0 be via the ppp peer,
this should usually be the case I believe. (let me knwo if you see
otherwise on your GPRS)  It's also untested in setups with ethernet or wifi
via USB (host mode) or VPN.  (the former should work, the latter will
probably need alterations of vpn config to play nice)


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