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Sun Oct 19 04:57:32 CEST 2008

KaZeR wrote:
> (i finally ordered and received a Freerunner :) )

Nice, are you a navit dev?
I guess you are (especially looking at your site)... :P

> Lothar Behrens a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I got installed navit and after some tries I got the correct 
>> germany.bin file by downloading it with a wget -O germany.bin ... 
>> quicklink.
>> For a brief feedback: Very good !
> Thanks :)

I do agree... I've but changed a little the (gtk) interface to make it
fit better to the openmoko, and I've to increase the cursor size (not so
easy to see while driving!

>> If navit needs to calculate a big route, isn't it good to display a 
>> hint window or a status message instead leaving the user unknown and let
>> even the whole GUI stay blocked like with a message box when tapping 
>> on the screen and let the calculations done in a background thread ?
> This issue has been around for some time : 
> It used to work, then was removed because code was changed, and it 
> hasn't been reimplemented yet.

I'm waiting for this too

>> It seems that this comes also into play when the position is changed, 
>> thus a recalculation would propably triggered ?
> If you go outside of the planned route, a new route is computed, yes

Well, in my experience it is recalculated but too late imho. Maybe the
voice sinthetizer says it but while driving it's not easy to heard my
freerunner (the speaker is to low to be heard in the traffic or if I'm
listening some music), while often I've to force the refresh from the

>> I am also a programmer, but this seems to be a untrivial issue for a 
>> newbie for that code.
> If you're willing to help, feel free to contact me or join #navit on 
> freenode. You will get there all the help you should need :)

Nice. I'd like also to ask you a thing about the SDL interface... I've
not tried to compile it in my toolchain/OE build due to the fact that I
had no time to port/compile the missing libraries, but would it work
well in the Freerunner (that has not 3d hardware acceleration)?

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