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Sun Oct 19 05:39:52 CEST 2008

Michael Zanetti ha scritto:
> On Saturday 18 October 2008 23:38:26 Yogiz wrote:
>>> just do a simple script in  Duke3d way and call it instead pingus
>>> directly
>>> #!/bin/bash
>>> xrandr -o 1
>>> pingus
>>> xrandr -o 0
>> It's quite simple but it would be better if it's incorporated into the
>> original ipk.
> +1 from me!

Well, without adding bash wrapper scripts I guess that a exec line like
 Exec=xrandr -o 3; pingus -f -g 640x480 -m -s; xrandr -o 0;
in /usr/share/applications/pingus.desktop is enough.

> If you are using FDOM you can just rotate the screen by using Tap/Untap prior 
> to launching pungus. Anyways, installing a script that does it with the ipk 
> obviously would be the best thing!

Ehm, I've not FDOM... How is exactly working that?

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