One more rotate version

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Mon Oct 20 12:00:36 CEST 2008

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 01:37:33AM +0200, Fabian Henze wrote:
> As it seems popular these days to publish a custom version of the rotate 
> program, I am also going to do it.

heh, you could've just sent a patch :)

> After reading the source code of Rui Miguel Silva Seabra's rotate program, I 
> found some parts that could be improved and hacked on those. The result differs 
> from the original in the following points:
>  - No brightness control (Its just annoying)

I found that ever since I added it I never again had the weird split
screen after rotation bug which sometimes happened when going

Doesn't that ever occur to you?

>  - Imo better (and faster) heuristics

I'll check on them and perhaps integrate.

>  - Fewer errors and false positives (the display won't rotate while the phone 
> is shaken around or sth. like this)

Ah, that's very much needed but I haven't had a lot of chance to hack
(having an ITIL exam tomorrow).

>  - uses fewer CPU cycles (I have not done much research, because it would not 
> even show up in top)

? I hardly ever see mine on top, and even so when it did never more than
1% (especially with the dimmed screen).

> BUT:
>  - It still suffers from the "accelerometers stop working after a while" bug.

This is hopefully a driver problem (if it's a hardware problem we're

> I would much appreciate feedback on the program and especially on the quality 
> of the code. And I would even more appreciate a better accelerometer driver so 
> userland hacks like one by Oscar Casamitjana are not necessary anymore



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