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SCarlson scottrcarlson at
Mon Oct 20 13:49:32 CEST 2008

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but from what i've read, the accelerometers
are not "dieing" but the mechanism that exposes them to /dev/eventX does.?
Still able to view throught the /sys/proc route?


Fabian Henze wrote:
> On 20.10.2008 at 04:14:08, SCarlson wrote:
>>  Very snappy. It does "die" pretty quickly.. Due to accelerometer
>> failing?
>> How can I help test this further. I ran from command line and when it
>> "dies" it just stopping writing to stdout. Also, if I re-run it just sits
>> and waits for stdout. I assume this is the acc. problem that you
>> mentioned
>> above.?
>> Scott
> Yes I think so. It might as well be a bug in my code, but as other rotate 
> programs have the same problem (or build around it), this is not very
> likely. 
> It would help, if anyone could tell me how to avoid the bug by altering
> some 
> timeouts or how to predict the next death.
> I am currently trying if `cat /dev/input/event3` is also dying after a
> while, 
> however it has not stopped yet. Is there some information on this bug
> around? 
> I have not found anything in the bugtracker.
> -- Fabian
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