consider buying Neo Freerunner

z.pekar at z.pekar at
Mon Oct 20 16:19:28 CEST 2008

I consider buying Neo Freerunner, and would like to use it with Debian
(since its what I have on my PC). I intend to use it as my primary
cellphone and not merely as PDA. My problem is the Hardware bugs,
mainly concerning audio quality during call, listed here

#  Caller hears a loud echo of their own voice #1267
# Buzzing noise caused by GSM radio interference #883 #1352

My question is - would those hardware bugs be fixed in some revision
of GTA2 or do I have to wait until GTA3? If it is going to be fixed in
GTA2 how long could it presumably take before new revision will be
available for purchase, and if not, the same question regarding
presumable release of GTA3?
If neither option will be availabe soon - do you know some
alternatives - a smartphone with option to install debian on it, so it
could be usable?

I ask because of this recent post: :
"Won't work on om2007 stack. Won't do hardware."

thank you in advance

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