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> Hi
> I tried qtextended and I really like it. I even got WIFI working using only
> the GUI . And I have no problems with sound during calls.

Good. I do have the old problems - echo and buzzing.  There is no way to
optimize the levels.  The echo removal or suppression (?) patch recently
posted may or may not apply to qtextended, but it did certainly create new
problems for me, so I removed it.

> But there are also some problems. Mostly the same as Franky described.
> That is with using suspend? I charged the phone fully and turned the
> suspend
> off. After about 8 or 9 hours (I didn't do anything with the phone during
> that time, except one wake-up alarm) it said that the battery is extremely
> low.

The battery lasts *half of the time* overnight if you turn the alarm off
completely.  It is useless as it is now anyway.  However, at least once in
every three nights, the battery will mysteriously drain itself.

> Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
> >
> > - echo issue: with my alsa state file, no issue anymore
> >
> No problems, even without updating the alsa state file.
 You must be really lucky

My phone didn't wake up from suspend when a call came in. So I can't use the
> suspend. Is there any fix or workaround for this?

Mine does, so there could be differences in each user's experience.  I hope
you are using the latest version of 4.4.1 (2008/10/3 aka 2008/10/6).  I
think the un-updated version had solved the echo problem but the resume
problem persisted, and it got reversed with the update.

> And some more problems and questions:
> - If suspended, the wake-up alarm goes off too late (It seems the alarm
> starts as many minutes too late how many minutes before the expected alarm
> time I set it. So if i set the alarm at 12:00 to start at 12:05 then it
> actually starts 12:10 and if I set it at 12:00 to start at 12:30 then it
> starts 13:00 etc). If not suspended, it goes off at the right time.

Every time the phone's battery is drained, the clock resets itself to what
is probably GMT, but the timezone is static!  DO NOT rely on the
Freerunner's (QTX) alarm to work for anything that is important.  It only
rang once for me, and that too after nearly 12 hours, after a reboot.

> - The arrow keys on the on-screen keyboard don't work when using the
> Terminal application. So I can't go up in the bash history.
> - If a call arrives and I select "Send busy tone" it registers two missed
> calls.

Actually, about half of all calls received are registered twice.  New
messages result into multiplication of messages already received.

> - First it didn't show any of my SIM contacts. They appeared after I
> selected some other configuration from Server Widgets. And now they are
> still here, even after I switched back to "Default QT Extended".

I can't see some of the new contacts I imported.  They had not been imported
the first time, but the latest import seemed to work till the phone got
switched off overnight.

> - As Franky said, after every call it plays a weird and loud sound. It's
> really annoying. What is it? And why? Can I disable it?

It is random.  On some days, it rings.  It doesn't on some days.  Pick your

> - Same problems with mp3 playback as Franky described.
> - So it's impossible to install any extra software? The default feed url
> ( shows 404 and

It is not there yet.  Lorn has said it would be available soon, and I am
dying to see if it fixes the sound problem and offers some usable packages.

> just doesn't show any
> packages
> in the package manager, although it shows them when viewing this url in a
> web browser.

Don't try those packages!

> - Can I manually add something in the Applications menu? For example a
> short
> cut to a bash script.
> - What video formats can the Media Player play? I tried ogg, xvid and 3gp -
> didn't play them.

None, as of now, I think.

> - It's impossible to delete a file using a GUI?

You need a file manager.  The only one available is in source code, and I
don't know if it compiles for Qtextended.

> - When editing notes using the Notes application it most times doesn't save
> the changes when clicking Back. But few times it did. I don't know what I
> did differently these times.

cf. comment about contacts.

> But otherwise it's quite good and I can (almost) use my Freerunner as an
> everyday phone.

My thoughts too! I am using it as an everyday phone in any case.
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