DPI settings and font sizes

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Oct 20 19:45:52 CEST 2008

I love my FR's screen.  280dpi in full color is just awesome.
But there's a problem: X11 applications choose their font sizes either
as a predefined number of pixels or a predefined number of "point"s.

The first leads to very small text when you have a 280dpi screen.
The second leads to very large text (because my FR's screen is much
closer to my eyes than a typical laptop/desktop monitor).

I'm using Xglamo under Debian and notice that at startup xdyinfo gives
a dpi setting of 75x75, which is obviously a default value.  This lead
to all fonts being too small.  So I changed it (to just 100dpi:
I actually like small fonts) by adding a "-dpi 100" parameter to the
X server.

So this all works nicely, except that when I rotate the screen with
xrandr, the size&dpi is calculated based on the screen's own info and
gets set to 280dpi.

I've tried to use "xrandr --dpi 100" as well as the --fbmm argument, but
it looks like Xglamo does not support version 1.2 of XRandR.
(I also tried to add a DisplaySize thingy in the xorg.conf file, but it
made no difference, I'm not even sure if that file is read by Xglamo).

For now, I just try to refrain from rotating the display, but I wish
I could get it work right.  Does anybody have an idea?


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