consider buying Neo Freerunner

Yogiz yogizz at
Mon Oct 20 21:53:32 CEST 2008

> Hello,

> I consider buying Neo Freerunner, and would like to use it with Debian
> (since its what I have on my PC). I intend to use it as my primary
> cellphone and not merely as PDA. My problem is the Hardware bugs,
> mainly concerning audio quality during call, listed here
> :
> #  Caller hears a loud echo of their own voice #1267
> # Buzzing noise caused by GSM radio interference #883 #1352
> My question is - would those hardware bugs be fixed in some revision
> of GTA2 or do I have to wait until GTA3? If it is going to be fixed in
> GTA2 how long could it presumably take before new revision will be
> available for purchase, and if not, the same question regarding
> presumable release of GTA3?
As far as I know, they're software problems, not hardware and they're
pretty close to being fixed. On the latest QT extended I have pretty
stable call quality and no echo. My om2008.09 echoed at the beginning
but stopped after I upgraded to testing version. This was too unstable
for my liking however.


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