Launcher and window list

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Tue Oct 21 03:43:16 CEST 2008

>> When using Om2008.9, I keep getting annoyed at the distinction between
>> the list of open windows (available by clicking at the top of the
>> screen) and the list of applications that I can launch: most of the time
>> the list of windows is a subset of the list of applications and having
>> to first get the window list, then press Home to finally get to start
>> a new application is just not right.
>> Is there somewhere some integrated application-launcher/window-manager,
>> kind of like Mac OS X's dock?  I'd really like to be able to just click
>> at the top of the screen (or the AUX button, maybe) and be brought
>> directly to an application launcher, which indicates which of those
>> applications are already running, and also includes extra windows
>> I might have opened.

> Maybe you could try installing Debian?  The install takes some time but
> is mostly rather smooth. You would need to buy a larger sd card, but
> they are very cheap nowadays.

I do have it installed, but the problem is the same:  the best I've
found so far is something like fbpanel, where it shows the window-list
as well as a bunch of application launcher icons.  But it only works
with a stylus.  I'd need something with much larger icons, that takes
the whole screen.


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