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> On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 4:13 PM, Shawn prjktdtnt Thompson <
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> > Not everyone has those problems, I experienced those problems only a
> > couple times myself but not every call. I actually use mine daily and
> > rarely switch back to my old phone. Only on days where battery life is
> > crucial (such as long road trips without a car charger) although even
> > that is rare for me.
> >
> >
> I'm actually quite surprised - are you always reliably able to make and
> receive calls?   My experience has been similar to Fredrik Wendt's - when it
> works, the audio quality is fine - but over a month or so of use as my daily
> phone (mostly 2008.8/9 and a bit of QTExtended), I had many occurances where
> I missed calls because the phone was too slow waking up, and I had at least
> 3 times when the phone got into a strange mode where I couldn't make
> calls...
> I had assumed that this was what everyone was experiencing - but maybe I
> just got a bad unit...
> Warren

I don't think you have a bad unit.  There are poor configurations in the Om2008 distro that cause problems.  Like qpe indexing everything on your SD Card slurping up CPU or having the Illume keyboard disabled.  

Then there are the bugs posted in Harold's blog:

I have the impression that there is still a LOT of low level work to be done that can improve the state of things.  Hopefully OM's new direction will yield a much better experience.

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