Android open sourced

flamma at flamma at
Tue Oct 21 18:55:53 CEST 2008

> Hey... it says "open-source" (you can read the code) not "free software"
> (you can do whatever you want)...

I don't know why when some people read "open-source" they understand "open
to read" but not "open to modify". Android is released under Apache
License version 2, which is considered free software by the FSF, and even
compatible with GPLv3 [1].

> And for the code itself...
> You have to grant your copyright to Google...
> I don't want to work non-paid for Google. But please do ! ;)

I think that is for contributors, that is, if you want your changes to be
merged into Google's Android, you must grant your copyright to Google.
This clause let Google do relicensing, and it is not uncommon on other
free software projects, such as the GNU project.


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