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Tue Oct 21 22:39:22 CEST 2008

Cédric Berger wrote:
> Here we are....
> time to port to Neo !
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I'm not sure about the licensing.
Will Android be a really open Platform forever.

Ok, they have to use GPL for the Kernel but the use a bsd licensed libc.
But a phone Distributor could switch such component, more or less easy
;), at any time.

An the other thing is, assuming Android will be the perfect mobile
platform in the future, there is still the issue to port Android to a
specific Phone.

The first "Google" Phone, HTC G1, ist only availaible if you buy it whit
a contract, an then its already really tight to google services.
I think if you try to use such a google distributed phone in a "free"
way with your "open" Android you are standing without the proper
hardware support, because the drivers will be for sure not be opensource.

By the way the G1, shouldnt work that great at all, at this time and
near future.

I'm guess I'm just worried the whole Android thing pretends just in the
beginning to be opensource until its nessacery for becoming a successor.


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