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Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Tue Oct 21 23:20:21 CEST 2008

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 10:33:49PM +0200, Fabian Henze wrote:
> On 21.10.2008 at 22:26:41, Fabian Henze wrote:
> > Hey guys,
> > I have spend more time optimizing the code and fixing bugs of my previous
> > release. So here are the changes compared with my previous version:
> >  - Fixed a memleak
> >  - Changed the angle, which is required to initiate a rotation from 22.5°
> > to 15°
> >  - Added a workaround for a bug in the input driver -> fewer false
> > positives - Reduced CPU time even more (when in idle it consumes about 600%
> > fewer CPU cycles compared Rui's version. Non-idle workloads are hard to
> > measure but the usage should be _at_least_ equal)
> >  - Achieved by introducing a hack, which might break if some parts of the
> >    system are compiled with different cflags. So please report if it is not
> >    working for you
> >  - Uses exactly 760 byte RAM now.
> >  - Added more comments
> >  - It's actually usable now (imo)
> >  - BUT: The "accelerometers stop working after a while" bug persists
> >  - Sorry Rui, still no patch for your version
> >
> > I hope you enjoy it.
> Whoops forgot the files.
> P.S. @Rui: you google code link seems broken.

Hi Fabian,

I'm adding your changes, and we should agree on an indent style. After
skimming indent(1) I propose to use indent -kr.

I'm not giving up on the brightness thing unless I can be proven the
split screen isn't worked around with it, but we should add a flag for
enabling/disabling it.

I'd just like to add the following (don't take me wrong, I'm not mad or
anything even closer :) ):

You can't really replace...

	 * Copyright © 2008 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at>
	 * Inspired upon Chris Ball's rotate, this is a totally new rewrite.


	 * Copyright (c) 2008 Fabian Henze <hoacha at>
	 * Based on Rui Miguel Silva Seabra's rotate, but more optimized for
	 * speed memory usage and a better algorithm.

So in the mix and matching I'm doing, I'm writing:
	 * Copyright © 2008 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at>
	 * Copyright © 2008 Fabian Henze <hoacha at>
	 * Inspired upon Chris Ball's rotate, this is a totally new rewrite.

Fine with you?

Can you get a google mail account (just for having an account on
so I can add you as a project member?


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