Android open sourced

Ken Young rtm at
Wed Oct 22 00:04:03 CEST 2008

Jim Morris wrote:
> Ya know I don't really care if it is open source or free source or
> commercial, so long as it is
> stable and actually works as a phone! I have a $400 toy at the moment
> which I would like to use as a
> phone one day.
> I'll use anything that gets me closer to that goal.

Does anyone really think that porting Android is going to magically
fix the problems that prevent the Freerunner from being a useful
phone?   How likely is it that things like suspend/resume problems
will go away if you port Android?   Aren't those problems apt to
be very closely tied to the particulars of the Freerunner hardware?
Porting Android sounds to me like a way to spend a huge amount of
time to produce another distribution for the Freerunner which will
be no more reliable (at best) than the others ones are.

Ken Young

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