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Jim Morris ml at
Wed Oct 22 00:23:56 CEST 2008

Ken Young wrote:
> Jim Morris wrote:
> [...]
>> Ya know I don't really care if it is open source or free source or
>> commercial, so long as it is
>> stable and actually works as a phone! I have a $400 toy at the moment
>> which I would like to use as a
>> phone one day.
>> I'll use anything that gets me closer to that goal.
> Does anyone really think that porting Android is going to magically
> fix the problems that prevent the Freerunner from being a useful
> phone?   How likely is it that things like suspend/resume problems
> will go away if you port Android?   Aren't those problems apt to
> be very closely tied to the particulars of the Freerunner hardware?
> Porting Android sounds to me like a way to spend a huge amount of
> time to produce another distribution for the Freerunner which will
> be no more reliable (at best) than the others ones are.
> Ken Young

No magic, I suspect the kernel will be the same, and have potentially the same bugs, however I think 
the apps will be more stable. By the time Android is ported over, I am hoping there will have been 
significant progress on the kernel in the other dists, which android and qtextended etc will benefit 

For my part I am very comfortable writing Java, so being able to write apps in Java is a plus for 
me, and none of the current dists really support Java well (ok it is supported but have you tried 
writing a good app with that support?).

Of course the H/W bugs such as GSM buzz won't get fixed, but I'm still hoping there will be a H/W 
fix for that which Openmoko will support for GTA02.

Besides it seems people love to have several choices ;)

Jim Morris,

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