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> I'm interested to see if it will be possible to hack it so X11 software works
> under android, and vice versa so that android software can be run under
> X11/illume.  ^.^

you'd probably need to port androids display system to run under x11. ie a
android window/surface == x11 window. also emulate any other things via
icccm/netwm etc.

this would actually be cool. you can run any desktop you like (2007.x matchbox
style, e+illume, xfce... or anything else AND run android app AND run qt apps
AND run gtk apps.. AND EFL, AND java... AND C#/mono, AND...)

frankly this is probably the right way to go. i'd take a look if i wasn't
already busy enough.

> Or if I can't have that or it'd be too slow or something.. I'd like to be
> able to toggle between virtual consoles to go between one and the other or
> something like that.

it can always be fast. a "first" port would be getting the entire android
display system working IN a window IN x11 (a virtual framebuffer). that will be
entirely trivial. and still very fast (a little slower than direct-to-fb, but
not enough to really worry). think mame, or all the game console emulators, or
vmware, qmenu etc. basically just implemenet a framebuffer as an x11 mit-shm
shared image buffer @ 16bpp - it looks like any hardware dumb framebuffer. just
xshmputimage from it using cliprects to choose which regions to write to the
destination window. this should be a completely trivial port and basically give
u "android in a window" and should always work and be compatible with any
bizarre things android does.

your 2nd step is the full port (ala think wine - where you match primitives on
a higher level).

> And I wonder how much openmoko and debian software and other distros will
> start seeping into the android designed handsets.
> I sense a golden age on the horizon :)
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> Daniel Benoy
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