Android open sourced

Jim Morris ml at
Wed Oct 22 00:51:37 CEST 2008

Lorn Potter wrote:
> Jim Morris wrote:
>> Cédric Berger wrote:

> Just because 4.4.1 might be unstable doesn't mean qt extended will 
> always be that way. It just means that 4.4.1 was buggier than expected.

Oh I know it will get better, I was just disappointed it was less stable than the previous version. 
which I had blown away to try 4.4.1 I couldn't really use 4.4.1 of QtEtended as it seemed to hang 
all the time as well as other issues which I'm sure you are aware of. (Scrolling through lists 
usually thinks you are selecting something you don't want etc).

I'll continue to try the new versions of 4.4 as they come out, but in the meantime playing with 
Android seems like a good use of my time ;)

I'll use whichever one ends up being a usable phone soonest.

Jim Morris,

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