Anyone interested in mentoring?

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Wed Oct 22 09:05:50 CEST 2008

Dear wanabee mentored,

>Mentoring might be the wrong term as it implies some obligation from the 
>person assisting. If you were contributing code then I'm sure someone might 
>consider it.

  Project managers already trust _you_ explicitely to go forward and commit 
the changes you think are good: anybody can edit wiki pages, open tickets and 
float patches around. But you don't trust yourself. Good judgement comes with 
experience, and you say you don't have much. So you want someone to review 
your changes before you commit them.

   Start with small fixes that are very obvious to you and you can explain 
well. If you are unsure, just post your opinion or your changes to the 
mailing lists. If you are even less confident, use your own blog (just don't 
expect anybody else to see it if it is not advertised on the planet !).

  Did you find a local user group in your area ? Ever since mankind discovered 
fermentation (thousands of years ago), sharing beer has been the #1 way to 
join a social group.

  Being polite and nice is mostly optional in the open source world.The 
currency is actual contributions. So you do something first, and someone will 
look it over.


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