Back to the basics: improving user experience

Dale Maggee antisol at
Wed Oct 22 13:17:00 CEST 2008

I'm still using 2007.2, because in my experience it does have the most 
solid phone/sms functionality.

It's far from perfect, though:
- Suspend / resume is a dog, and since it's not being worked on any more 
I'm doubtful that this will ever be fixed. I have suspend and resume 
turned off, and use the 'dim only, don't lock' option, which turns off 
and locks the screen (despite the label), but doesn't suspend it. This 
gives reasonable reliability, but means you're limited to about 4-6 
hours of battery life.

- hangs - after amassing quite a few SMS's and a large call history, it 
takes a *long* time to open the dialler or the messaging application. 
During this time it's sitting at 99% CPU utilization. It works, but you 
need to be patient. Thankfully the dialler seems to pop up quickly when 
you're recieving a call.

- Lockups - after using it for a while, it seems to require rebooting 
about once every 2 days or so - it just seems to freeze for no apparent 
reason. This may be due to something I've done.

I'm impressed by Qtopia and by FSO3, but both have caveats which for me 
meant using 2007.2. I'm not a fan of ASU / 2008.x at all, although I am 
about to give FDOM a try.


Warren Baird wrote:
> I must admit I never tried 2007.2 - but the things I read about it suggested
> that it also wasn't very stable - people recommended using Qtopia if you
> wanted a stable phone experience.
> Does 2007.2 really provide a rock-solid phone/sms experience?
> Warren
> On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 1:58 PM, Johny Tenfinger <seba.dos1 at>wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 19:54, Warren Baird <photogeekmtl at>
>> wrote:
>>> Until I'm convinced those items are addressed, my $400 FR is going to
>> remain turned off in my backpack, and my friends who bought iPhones will >
>> continue to laugh at me for 'wasting' my money on such a 'phone'.  *please*
>> give me some ammunition to use against them!
>> Use the 2007.2, Luke!
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