netfix testers?

Levy Abinajm Melero Sant'Anna levy.santanna at
Thu Oct 23 05:40:20 CEST 2008

> So it sets up route metric of 20 for Wifi, 30 for USB (host or device mode
> possibilites) and 40 for ppp0 (GPRS).

Oh yeah, I am using the iproute2, by this reason. Wifi is cheaper for me.

> I'm looking for an easier means of customizing (maybe you want USB highest
> instead of Wifi) because currently you'd need to edit the route metric in a
> few files and also /etc/resolvconf/interface-order.  What I'd like
> eventually is to have an indicator widget in the top shelf or toolbar
> showing connection status and route/tech.  Tap for details balloon, tap
> 'more' or whatever in that to open dialog to manage GPRS and WiFi, and
> offer prioritization.

This type of interface would be very cool. The  power for the user
choose, the metric directly from GUI.

>But I haven't been able to do more than contemplate
> that as a future project, with too much keeping me busy as it is. :(  By
> the time I get a chance we'll probably be using frameworkd to manage all
> the connections.  (I'm working on getting GPRS under frameworkd to work
> with my changes, but frameworkd doesn't yet manage wifi)  And hopefully by
> then we'll have a network manager on top of sensible defaults.

Thank you for your efforts, I will test and report bugs.

Levy 'Lewis' S.

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