New home for the New FDOM

Ben Hussey brettjamin at
Thu Oct 23 18:33:03 CEST 2008 
> Hi there,
> There is a new FDOM release uploaded at ... no, NOT at
> as the topic suggest FDOM has a new home at  
> and if you ask yourself why is because Tuxbrain is my brand new  
> company and I finally have my own server to upload those "light" images
> Saergio please configure compartida as mirror if you don't mind
> This release is plenty of new things, the first and I believe the most  
> Important is that you don't need to reflash your neo to FDOMize it :)
> Thank's to Nacho, Armin and all of you who have give us ideas and  
> links we have created the FDOMizer :) It can be considered a  
> instruction's log of what we do from a OM2008.X to transform it to a  
> The script has been structured to be able to update previous versions  
> of FDOM to the latests one. even it has a "only fix" option in case  
> some opkg update upgrade mess up things... better to say try to put  
> order in the mess we created without success :)
> I have to say we have  no much time to test it so surelly this is the  
> most unstable release of FDOM we have released, but thanks of the  
> script you will know exactly what we have done an will be easy to know  
> how to fix it, if you want to collaborate to improve Fdomizer for next  
> release fell free to register on the devel list.
> Here is a few of the improvement we have added to this new version  
> (maybe some of them will half-work and one or two doesn't work at all  
> yet but surely in near future they will)
> you can take a look directly at the script to see what and how is  
> installed. here I post a list commented that can be used as guide to  
> next steps (fix all that doesn't work out of the box)
> *dillo (this is FAST app definition ;) it's a pity it doesn't comes  
> with ssl included)
> *ePdfview, not tested yet
> *gutenflash (is so geek app that is a must),
> *qt-x11 calculator works fine :)
> *lint-wifi(no wifi arround when I tested)
> *fbreader(install but not apear on the main screen, must investigate why)
> *Updated remoko to 0.3.2 (do not work for a dependency problem  
> python-textutils packages seem to have bad MD5 from every where I try  
> to download)
> In the game part :)
> *Updated Duke3D a version without sound but that works like a charm an  
> has a semitransparent buttons
> *Pingus :) since I know it exists I was willing to have them on the neo
> *of course the venerated openmoocow!!! so silly that you must smile  
> any time you upside down your neo
> *And this one is for steve GNUChess ;)
> And a lot of cosmetic fixes(arrange icons, submenus, search bar on  
> contacts...) and some no so cosmetic (hwclock, alsa states, storage  
> issue...) thanks to Armin
> And if you visit the page you will see one thing even my coadmins  
> doesn't wait for }8-)>
> Things to improve that I'm not proud of,
> GPL stuff, I was intended to document  where any piece of code comes  
> from but I have no time to do that, so I will try to improve this  
> making comments on the  script itself any time I put a binaries  
> directly and revamped confs.
> Pindgin It has been update in angstrom repository and it segfaults,  
> surely is dependency issue but I need more time to test.
> In the first start you must disable automated sleep for a couple of  
> minutes to let the system time to stabilize.
> Well surely you will discover a lot more things to not to be proud of,  
> but that's what we like it, FAT and DIRTY ;)
> David Reyes Samblas Martinez
> Open ultraportable solutions,
> watch out!! there is a Linux in you pocket ;)

The link titled,, points 
to the same url but with FDOM in capital letters.  So I get a file not 
found error.  The fdom needs to be changed to lowercase in the url.


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