(qte 4.3.3.) Kernel bug in nwester: where to report?

Paul paul at nlpagan.net
Thu Oct 23 19:10:02 CEST 2008

Hi all,

A few days ago OM2008.9 got updated which meant it was downdated. E 
crashed at boot, everytime.

I now put qt 4.3.3. on, with the latest mwester uImage 
I tried to get the kernel bug for pairing with my bluetooth set again, 
and it worked.

Can someone tell me where I should report this:

Oct 23 17:01:58 om-gta02 user.notice Qtopia: QDBusConnection received a 
message of type 3 that it shouldn't have

Oct 23 17:01:58 om-gta02 daemon.info hcid[1324]: link_key_notify 
(sba=00:06:6E:17:42:22, dba=00:12:1C:06:85:3C)

Oct 23 17:02:06 om-gta02 daemon.info hcid[1324]: link_key_request 
(sba=00:06:6E:17:42:22, dba=00:12:1C:06:85:3C)

Oct 23 17:02:11 om-gta02 user.crit kernel: kernel BUG at 


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