How to change hardware, usbkeyboard layout?

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Thu Oct 23 20:41:42 CEST 2008

> First things first. Hi. I've been rading this list for a loong time, so i
> thought it was time to join in.
> I'm just wondering. Where do i change the layout for my usb hardware
> keyboard. My Freerunner is in usb host mode and everything is working fine,
> exept that i'm used to the dworak layout. Where can i change this so it has
> system wide effect. Remember, it's a hardware USB keyboard, not the
> illume/asu/matchbox ones.

Unless you're using Qtopia (or Android), the window system is X11, so
you can use the usual X11 keyboard layout configuration tools (tho
they're probably not installed by default under Om2008 or FSO).


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