uboot version? wiki not accurate

Sarton O'Brien roguemoko at roguewrt.org
Fri Oct 24 00:54:49 CEST 2008

On Thursday 23 October 2008 22:13:02 Helmut Tessarek wrote:
> Hey,
> > how many files with "gta02v5" and "u-boot"  in the name do you see?
> One.
> How many files do you see with 'latest' in the name?
> Is it possible to answer my questions or is the only thing you know how to
> be sarcastic?
> But I guess you just don't know it either:
> What is gta02v5_and_up-lowlevel.bin?
> Is there a stable version of uboot, or are there only daily builds
> available?

Sarcasm and stating the obvious aside, there used to be an identical file to 
gta02v5_and_up-u-boot.bin that had 'latest' in the name, I assume to avoid 
people asking which one is the latest.

It seems it no longer exists or possibly exists somewhere else.

All that said, everything is pretty fluid at the moment and I've found that as 
long as you know you have a compatible u-boot image, checking the 
creation/modification date is more accurate than assuming somebody is 
maintaining the 'latest' file.

Seeing as the 'lowlevel' image doesn't even contain the word 'u-boot', it's 
really outside the scope of obtaining a relevant u-boot image.

Hope that helps.


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