Finger Keyboard

Nik Lutz nik.lutz at
Fri Oct 24 01:44:07 CEST 2008

Hi all

I spent some night hacking on a new keyboard that can be used
"blindly". I tested it with the resterman-image [1], but I t should
also work in other environments. Installation instructions can be
found in the (attached) python-file (

The code is a real hack - I see it as a proof of concept for my initial idea:
The keyboard should have two modes.
A fullscreen keyboard with plenty of space for big buttons

Initially I intended to continue developping and to release a better
version into the wild. But I got stuck with the

 I spent hours to find documentation and examples to achive what I have now

[1] openmoko-illume-image-glibc-ipk--20081012-om-gta02

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