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Nik Lutz nik.lutz at
Fri Oct 24 02:01:15 CEST 2008

Again me...

hit the wrong key-combo...

The code is a real hack - I see it as a proof of concept for my initial idea:
The keyboard should have two modes.
- A fullscreen-mode with plenty of space for big buttons and a textfield.
- a minimized-mode with at least two buttons: one to switch to
fullscreen. The second to PASTE the text that was written in
fullscreen-mode to the target.

Initially I wanted to present you a much nicer (design, functionality)
version. But I got stuck in the GUI frameworks. Currently it is
written with python-etk. But I couldn't find  documentation for
skinning my app (am I such a bad googler?). I also got the impression
that python-etk is very limited (cannot delete a single caracter from
the textfield).

What do you think about this concept? Is anyone interested in
continuing this approach?


by the way:

I also detected another quite nice keyboard written in python-evas
[2]. The same here: I can't find good documentation: How can I set the
right properties to the window, so that illume accepts it as a
keyboard (just the function-calls). It is also very hard to optimize
it for smaller screens.

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