Is Openmoko working on their 'back to basics' plan?

John Lee john_lee at
Fri Oct 24 08:47:03 CEST 2008

Dear community,

And please read my comment below.  I have to say I don't like opinions
like this but I will take it as a result of high expectation.  We will
keep sending to the public list once we have something, commit to
public scm, etc. but we certainly won't do _weekly_ release.  For now
please be patient and let the engineers work.

Now for the status update this week:

Tick merged the qtopia echo patch (#1267), it works, no echo but the
audio sounds a little bit less 'vivid' (not sure if this is the right
word).  He is now working on the touch screen usage, see

Olv and Erin is working on reducing boot time.  Currently it's reduced
from 2:35 (Om2008.9) to around 1:40.  One minute less in one week, and
Olv just got back from hospital last Monday.  We will merge this into
OE once we get it organized properly.

Jeremy is working together with kernel guy (aka Matt Hsu) to look into
the possible improvement, namely take a screenshot and show it first
during resume.  It's a common technique in mobile phone.

Julian is working on the python loader.  He is new to python but he
got very good helps here in the office such as Guillaume, etc.  He
still got some distro work to finish so it's going to take a while
before he can work full time on this.

Currently we have a major blocker #2071.  It can be solved by update
EFL, but no icons will show up in illume.  This seems to be a
different bug, but we are having an evas-native related issue on the
build server so the EFL packages are not updated correctly in  This prevents people from confirming it and
fire another bug.

EFL ABI changed along with the svn rev increment last week, so
Installer and Locations won't work without rebuilding.  Although
people already got reassigned, but nobody will give Om2008 love except
us and holger, so we will fix the issues above and update testing repo


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