Is Openmoko working on their 'back to basics' plan?

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Fri Oct 24 10:36:30 CEST 2008

Dear John,

  I agree that the blog post, and especially the title, was closer to 
low-level sensational journalism than to international diplomacy. I was kind 
of shocked as you probably were to read "Openmoko has announced their 'Back 
to basics' plan a week ago. It's time to review." I am afraid that Brankz 
took my proposition that "being nice and polite is mostly optional in the 
Open Source world" too litteraly. But this is a blog, so could we simply 
assume that it was late in the evening, and when one writes as much as the 
author does, and one has a point clearly and simply written, sometimes ones 
overlook the "smooth feelings" aspects ?

  Having said that, regular status updates are good for everybody. Community 
loves it. Management loves it too, and for good reasons. May I compare with 
what Michael did with the "Community updates" series to keep everybody up to 
date on the hardware release ? You are a bit in the same situation with the 
software release.

So thanks for the weekly update, and keep them coming,

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