Is Openmoko working on their 'back to basics' plan?

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Fri Oct 24 11:04:17 CEST 2008

Sorry, maybe I was a little to the point on that blog post. But I and several
others had a big discussion about Openmoko and their way of communicating
things. Mostly (and that's only my experience) when something new is
announced, the developers goes crazy and the first week is the most active
week of the new direction. So I had hoped to see the first steps of the new
direction by now. Now I've looked almost everywhere (or everywhere I know to
look) and I didn't see any start of a changing (No new posts on the bugs
trac). So I was a little disappointed.

Also I had promised myself to do a weekly roundup for the community, so
sorry if a weekly update is to fast. It's just what I said to myself to do.

So John Lee: If openmoko is busy with their 'back to basics' plan, than the
post was to picky. It should been written more smooth. Sorry it wasn't. But
by the things that were public at the moment, I couldn't know Openmoko was
certainly busy with their 'back to basics' strategy.

For the people not knowing where we are talking about, this is the blogpost:

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> Dear John,
>   I agree that the blog post, and especially the title, was closer to 
> low-level sensational journalism than to international diplomacy. I was
> kind 
> of shocked as you probably were to read "Openmoko has announced their
> 'Back 
> to basics' plan a week ago. It's time to review." I am afraid that Brankz 
> took my proposition that "being nice and polite is mostly optional in the 
> Open Source world" too litteraly. But this is a blog, so could we simply 
> assume that it was late in the evening, and when one writes as much as the 
> author does, and one has a point clearly and simply written, sometimes
> ones 
> overlook the "smooth feelings" aspects ?
>   Having said that, regular status updates are good for everybody.
> Community 
> loves it. Management loves it too, and for good reasons. May I compare
> with 
> what Michael did with the "Community updates" series to keep everybody up
> to 
> date on the hardware release ? You are a bit in the same situation with
> the 
> software release.
> So thanks for the weekly update, and keep them coming,
> Minh
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