Is Openmoko working on their 'back to basics' plan?

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at
Fri Oct 24 11:47:30 CEST 2008

John, this new Update is an excelent move in several aspects. Keep it  
going, and thank you very much!!

Citando John Lee <john_lee at>:

> Dear community,
> And please read my comment below.  I have to say I don't like opinions
> like this but I will take it as a result of high expectation.  We will
> keep sending to the public list once we have something, commit to
> public scm, etc. but we certainly won't do _weekly_ release.  For now
> please be patient and let the engineers work.
> Now for the status update this week:
> Tick merged the qtopia echo patch (#1267), it works, no echo but the
> audio sounds a little bit less 'vivid' (not sure if this is the right
> word).  He is now working on the touch screen usage, see
> Olv and Erin is working on reducing boot time.  Currently it's reduced
> from 2:35 (Om2008.9) to around 1:40.  One minute less in one week, and
> Olv just got back from hospital last Monday.  We will merge this into
> OE once we get it organized properly.
> Jeremy is working together with kernel guy (aka Matt Hsu) to look into
> the possible improvement, namely take a screenshot and show it first
> during resume.  It's a common technique in mobile phone.
> Julian is working on the python loader.  He is new to python but he
> got very good helps here in the office such as Guillaume, etc.  He
> still got some distro work to finish so it's going to take a while
> before he can work full time on this.
> Currently we have a major blocker #2071.  It can be solved by update
> EFL, but no icons will show up in illume.  This seems to be a
> different bug, but we are having an evas-native related issue on the
> build server so the EFL packages are not updated correctly in
>  This prevents people from confirming it and
> fire another bug.
> EFL ABI changed along with the svn rev increment last week, so
> Installer and Locations won't work without rebuilding.  Although
> people already got reassigned, but nobody will give Om2008 love except
> us and holger, so we will fix the issues above and update testing repo
> soon.
> Regards,
> John
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