GTA03 - buttons or touchscreen

JW jameswillmer at
Sat Oct 25 18:39:18 CEST 2008

Ok Community,

vote and tell OM what you want for the next phone

[also realise this is still a long time away and Freerunner is available to buy

1) touchscreen (no qwerty buttons) - freerunner, HTC Orbit, iphone
2) qwerty keyboard and tracker ball - blackberry curve
3) combination touchscreen plus qwerty - G1

Please don't write endless pages about why - just indicate which one YOU want.

For myself my vote is

1) no, my HTC orbit experience was horrible (yes, i realise there are better)
2) yes, my preferred user input method - intuitive, fast, flexible
3) no, i think combo is too much to ask from OM right now


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