Is Openmoko working on their 'back to basics' plan?

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Sat Oct 25 22:14:50 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
|> Jeremy is working together with kernel guy (aka Matt Hsu) to look into
|> the possible improvement, namely take a screenshot and show it first
|> during resume.  It's a common technique in mobile phone.
| The issue is not to make resume appear faster, but rather to make resume
| fast enough that you don't miss calls.  So displaying a screnshot won't
| help (and would rather make it worse by spending time brining up the
| screenshot rather than doing useful work).

Resume in kernel side can complete in a couple of seconds, another
second to get audio up.  (What the delay is to get the wake signal from
the GSM module compared to when the call was placed, and the delay in
userspace side after we are up I dunno nor can I do much about it).

I agree it doesn't sound like sticking pictures up (in kernel???) does
anything useful.

The problem with kernel part of resume is just simply stability, it is
very much on my mind and indeed on my desk right now.

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