``Freerunner reliable and stable''?!

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sun Oct 26 11:44:35 CET 2008

El día Sunday, October 26, 2008 a las 11:40:00AM +0000, Ole Kliemann escribió:

> Hi to everyone.
> I already posted my point in an earlier discussion but didn't get much
> of a reaction. The original post was this[1]. I will shortly reproduce
> my main point here:
> Me as well as several others - as I read here on the lists - have bought
> our FR when it was released somehow expecting it being consumer-ready.
> It was the general notion that GTA01 was for developers, GTA02 for
> end-user.
> I certainly can be blamed for not gathering enough information before
> buying an FR. But then again if you just look at openmoko.com, you get a
> lot of fancy design but not one hint that the FR is not ready for
> everyday use. Instead I read:
> ``If you plan on using your FreeRunner for everyday use, then we would
> recommend Qtopia. While it doesn't utilize all the the new hardware
> features of the phone, it is reliable and stable.''
> Which is simply not true. Qtopia of course suffers from the same
> hardware and kernel issues as just any other distro.
> So my question to OM is: Why does openmoko.com not explicitly give a
> warning concerning the current state of maturity of both the hardware
> and the software? (As it was btw. the case with GTA01. There was a big
> warning.)


I'm a bit tired of all those (useless) threads like this. I DO USE the FR
with Om2008.9 for everyday use, I do not even own any other cellphone.
We should improve what we have and stop useless discussions, as well
about Google's trick of Android which has nothing todo with free


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