FSO signals and rules (was Re: Auto-reject incoming phone calls)

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Sun Oct 26 21:47:18 CET 2008

On Sun, 26 Oct 2008 14:28:55 +0200, "Michael 'Mickey' Lauer"
<mickey at openmoko.org> wrote:
> Amazing work! Can we drag it into the 'examples' folder in FSO?
> Btw., note that once we have some missing glue done, we'll have signals
> like "EnterArea" and "LeaveArea" for GPS (and more), so use-cases like
> yours
> should be expressable via simple rules in our rules file.
> --
> :M:

"and more" - are there plans for a full-blown 'locality manager' or
something that tracks GPS position when available, GSM tower registration,
visible wifi APs when available, etc?  Something which would understand a
query like 'whereami' and return a best estimate of physical location even
with GPS off, and a list of specified areas within which you appear to be
located?  (that last would trigger signals like 'EnterArea' and 'LeaveArea'
as mentioned above, but not strictly require GPS - if my church or favorite
theater has a wifi AP the FR can see, it'd be nice to silence ringer
automatically based on seeing that AP and not depend on GPS being live)  

It would also be useful for feeding preliminary location data to AGPS - if
at some point in the past I've had GPS enabled and the locality manager has
observed both GPS and GSM tower data simultaneously, then it can remember
that GPS location (with appropriate error noted) just by observing tower ID
later.  Obviously the error is on the order of miles/kilometers in that
case, but that's sufficient to speed up TTFF significantly with AGPS.

Also, is the intention to keep the rules as a plaintext file, or eventually
migrate to something like sqlite?  I can see the ruleset getting pretty
unwieldy eventually as a flat file. (though I grant readily that a text
file is more friendly and flexible in terms of just going in and editing
something by hand)


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