GTA03 - buttons or touchscreen

Dale Maggee antisol at
Mon Oct 27 11:55:22 CET 2008

Jelle De Loecker wrote:
> Dale Maggee schreef:
>> Jelle De Loecker wrote:
>>> I wonder if most people's need for a physical keyboard is a 
>>> consequence of the GTA02's small screen. (Well, it's too small to 
>>> use as a screen AND a keyboard at the same time, I think)
>>> Just make the screen big enough to use the virtual keyboard easily, 
>>> I think the iPhone proved it can work this way.
>>> For me, adding a keyboard will just add more bagage to the phone 
>>> which I really do not want.
>>> /Met vriendelijke groeten,/
>>> *Jelle De Loecker*
>>> Kipdola Studios - Tomberg
>> The reason I want a physical keyboard is because I much prefer a 
>> keyboard with tactile feedback - you can feel the button, and you can 
>> feel it click down when you press it. Tactile feedback makes typing 
>> both faster and more accurate. These are things which a soft keyboard 
>> can never hope to provide.
> That's very true, and I did take it into consideration.
> (It also made me think of some technology which WOULD supply tactile 
> feedback through touchscreens, something I read about a while ago and 
> found again here: )
> Anyway, I understand why you would prefer a keyboard, but I do not 
> believe it can be made big enough for the GTA03 while not hindering 
> the aesthetics of the device.
That's an interesting article you pointed me to, but unfortunately it's 
only half way there - the ability to feel the key is probably more 
important than the 'click' feeling. A key has edges, and the feel of the 
key under your finger means you don't have to be looking at the keyboard 
to be able to type. Again, a soft keyboard can never achieve this.


granted, we have a bigger screen, but there's no reason why the keyboard 
couldn't fold out from somewhere.

I'm not really interested in what it looks like, I'll take functional 
over asthetically pleasing any day.

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