Call for mirrors for FDOM

Alastair Johnson alastair at
Mon Oct 27 12:42:40 CET 2008

David Samblas wrote:
> El lun, 27-10-2008 a las 10:06 +0000, Alastair Johnson escribió:
>> Matt wrote:
>>> Why not use bittorrent?
>>> Then everyone who benefits, can also contribute, effortlessly.
>> Because I don't have a torrent tracker that I can immediately stick 
>> content on, while I do have a web server ready and waiting. I may have a 
>> look at adding torrents, but working with David to automate the 
>> mirroring will be a higher priority.
> True, I'm looking for do an script to rotate through aviable mirrors on
> each page load, 
> Also It will be interesting all those friends offering his mirrors to
> know if they reply on period basis or on demand to advise/or schedule my
> self whatever changes I have to upload.

If you can let us fetch the files via rsync we can add an automated 
fetch without adding much load to your server.

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