FSO signals and rules (was Re: Auto-reject incoming phone calls)

Alex Oberhauser oberhauseralex at networld.to
Mon Oct 27 12:44:48 CET 2008

> "and more" - are there plans for a full-blown 'locality manager' or
> something that tracks GPS position when available, GSM tower registration,
> visible wifi APs when available, etc?  Something which would understand a
> query like 'whereami' and return a best estimate of physical location even
> with GPS off, and a list of specified areas within which you appear to be
> located?  (that last would trigger signals like 'EnterArea' and 'LeaveArea'
> as mentioned above, but not strictly require GPS - if my church or favorite
> theater has a wifi AP the FR can see, it'd be nice to silence ringer
> automatically based on seeing that AP and not depend on GPS being live)  

Actually we are planing something like this. The first step would be to define
areas in a map and allocate them profiles. If the device moves
(accelorometers) the GPS will be started for a short period until the location
is determined, than it shutdown. The idea with the WLAN and GSM is great and
could be added to our framework.

> Also, is the intention to keep the rules as a plaintext file, or eventually
> migrate to something like sqlite?  I can see the ruleset getting pretty
> unwieldy eventually as a flat file. (though I grant readily that a text
> file is more friendly and flexible in terms of just going in and editing
> something by hand)

SQlite seams to me the better choice, because we have the needed software on
the device and a database is optimized for a fast access. For another format
the databases could be transformed fast with a script or small program, so the
flexibility is not lidded.



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