custom beeps

Alastair Johnson alastair at
Mon Oct 27 13:01:48 CET 2008

lanzo wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like a lot to be able to play custom beeps just like I do on my
> desktop pc using something like the "beep" command.
> I've looked around in the ML but I only found posts abot event beeps based
> on mp3-wav files, and instead I'd like to be able to play my custom beeps at
> an established frequency and duration. I am going to use that for short
> beep-coded messages (wifi intercepted, out of gsm range etc...).
> I guess this way it would take much less cpu and battery consuption, and
> would be very handy to create event beeps.
> I've found this file
> on
> angstrom site. I tried to unpack and compile that on the FR, i got my
> executable, but it just does nothing at all: no beeps, no terminal output.
> Any hint?
> Anybody else solved my problem in another way?
> tnx very much!
> lanzo

The FSO PlaySound interface may be what you're looking for. I haven't 
tried it yet so can't comment on its capabilities.;a=blob_plain;f=html/org.freesmartphone.Device.Audio.html;hb=HEAD

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