[FSO] config utility

Alastair Johnson alastair at truebox.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 15:04:03 CET 2008

The FSO API is capable of a good deal more than is exposed by GUI in the 
releases so far. This utility is an attempt to do something useful while 
finding out about python, gtk, dbus and fso. It's not pretty, or an 
example of good coding practise!

* GPRS networking - Start and stop, shows current status. Default values 
are currently hardcoded, but can be changed in the GUI. I will add 
saving when I find out how to use the FSO Preferences interface.
* GSM - currently informational for status and visible providers.
* Screen - control brightness, resolution and orientation. uses xrandr 
for resolution and orientation as AFAIK there is no FSO interface for these.

You will need python-pygtk to use this. I've been using it on 
fso-testing but it should work with SHR and debian too.


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