GPS sensitivity

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Mon Oct 27 15:35:40 CET 2008

The FR is the first device I use with a GPS, so I don't know what's
considered as "normal" w.r.t GPS function.  I find that my FR's GPS
never works inside a building (e.g. at home), and even outside in the
streets of Montreal, it seems to only be able to get a first fix if I'm
in a somewhat open area (i.e. not in a street but on a place, in
a park), and also it seems to rarely if ever be able to get a first fix
when it's in my pocket.

Is that normal?  My FR does have the capacitor in the µSD slot and it
has a fairly recent kernel (don't know if that means it has the software
fix that "stops the µSD clock when possible", does it?)


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