[FDOM] best kernel to use for new release

Geoff Ruscoe gcruscoe at sigmavisions.com
Mon Oct 27 17:23:37 CET 2008

Wow, so 3.5 hours into the battery test and its down to 1 bar.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 9:58 AM, Geoff Ruscoe <gcruscoe at sigmavisions.com>wrote:

> I did the mwester and then booted and untarred the mwester modules and
> rebooted.  It has been stable (with suspend turned off), although the
> battery life on mine seems to be just a few hours between being plugged in
> (without usage).
> I'm going to monitor it today to see if I can get a more precise
> measurement.  So far its been about 1 hr and its only down 1 bar from full.

Geoff Ruscoe
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