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Mon Oct 27 19:13:55 CET 2008

Am Mittwoch 22 Oktober 2008 schrieb Lorn Potter:
> Jim Morris wrote:
> > Lorn Potter wrote:
> >> Jim Morris wrote:
> >>> Cédric Berger wrote:
> >>
> >> Just because 4.4.1 might be unstable doesn't mean qt extended will
> >> always be that way. It just means that 4.4.1 was buggier than expected.
> >
> > Oh I know it will get better, I was just disappointed it was less stable
> > than the previous version.
> We all were. The truth is, 4.4.1 was pushed out before it was ready. But it
> couldn't be helped.

Wouldn't it be great to release an intermediate version soon, in which the 
most severe UI-bugs are fixed (like the finger-scrolling/selection-Bug or the 
way-to-sensitive-keyboard where it's almost impossible to 
switch to special characters)? I'm quite sure it's just a matter of settings 
as it worked in the former version.

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