GPS sensitivity

Stefan Strahl stef at
Mon Oct 27 20:21:13 CET 2008

Good evening Freerunners :)

I can report a good GPS performance :) Two weeks ago I was testing
tangogps on a hike. A friend was also tracking using his new Garmin.
for a screenshot. Red is the Garmin track, blue the Freerunner
recordings. The facts are:

- the Freerunner needed several minutes until he got a fix and the
first positions were wrong (wrong start is labeled "-0", we started at
the railway station / lower left corner of the screenshot)
- the Garmin showed after some time a drift (reflections from the
mountains?) of which interestingly the freerunner did not suffer from
(we definitely walked along the blue track).
- the battery lifetime of the Garmin is much longer ;) - my batteries
were empty after ~4 hours

So the GPS accuracy is quite good, nothing to complain about. And once
someone found time to implement the A-GPS functionality we shouldn't
worry about the first-fix times. So this problem is resolvable in
finite time... ;)

Happy freephoning and -running

:) stefan

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