Web based WIFI authentication

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Oct 27 21:28:53 CET 2008

> A lot of WIFI networks uses web based authentication - network is open, you
> connect to it, but in order to actually use internet you have to provide
> some login and password.
> How do you deal with that?
> I have a problem with all browsers:
> Minimo - it loads login page allright, than asks to accept certificate
> (login page is ssl encrypted) and crashes every time.
> Midori - doesn't react at all - like connection is broken (does it work with
> ssl and all this certificate stuff?).
> Dillo - doesn't support ssl at the time.

The one case where I need it (i.e. at work) luckily works OK with
Midori for me (haven't tried with any other).  But "works OK" is not
good enough: switching to the browser and entering the password is
a pain in the rear.  Has anybody written a little script which does it
all without any user interaction?  Integrating it with the wpa_action
thingy would be ideal, of course.


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