[Debian] Benefits of Kernel on separate Partition

feywulf feywulf9 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 23:17:41 CET 2008


Aside from the tradition of 2 partitions due to the old uboot needing the kernel in a fat partition, Is there a benefit to keeping the kernel on a separate partition?

Back story:
I've been using Qt Extended 4.4.1 successfully on a single ext2 partition.  I tried installing Debian on a separate microsd card, and it defaulted to a setup of 2 ext2 partitions, one for the kernel and one for everything else.

Of course my boot menu wasn't setup for 2 ext2 partitions, so it didn't work until i changed the card to a single ext2 partition.  It still hasn't worked due to a e2fsk issue( i made a tar.gz of everything on the 2nd partition and a copy of the uImage.bin and put it on the card after repartitioning as a single ext2 partition ).  I haven't yet tried adding another boot menu option for a 2 ext2 partition setup, which might be the easiest solution.



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